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A Really Good Prayer!

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a re-read is always good, aweeee! That prayer just fills me up! :)
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Ladie Di
 in response to Laura14...   Amen!!!!!!!!
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 in response to dutyum...   AMEN!
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 in response to norris...   this is a very awesome prayer
i will use it every single day of my life
thank you lord
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dear lord i think you so much for this beauitful gift that you have given me this morning.... coutinue to bless me and all your kids in this world, protect us from the evil and the devil, protect your kids who is sick and don't have food or drink and don't have roof under their head lord... thank you lord for lising to my prayer in jesus name
i pray AMEN.
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this is a good prayer!!!
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positive thoughts
 in response to Eve75...   Hi there, I pray the Lords prayer every morning before going to work. It is repeated prayer as Jesus has taught. God knows what is truly in each of our hearts.
God Bless you :)
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 in response to Eve75...   no,you! May not believe in repeated prayers. I sometimes find them very inspiring, and my Lord and savior doesn't care if it's repeated or not. I don't really have to say anything. He knows what I need and he always come through for me!!! :)
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 in response to TessAlex...   God Bless you!
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I really needed this prayer today!
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That is very Beautiful, but your not supposed to used repeated prayers it supposed to come from the heart at the moment, and your supposed to use his name too "Jehovah God" Read
Psalms 37:3, 4 and
Pslams83:17. O may they be ashamed and be disturbed for all times And may they become abashed and perish; 18.That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth. also read the last chapter in

Revelations(Apocalypse)22: 18,19. I only wrote this verse because I only had enough time I'm telling you there is much more than just praying and asking God for something you must be willing to learn the real truth not what some one tells you so I give you this advice don't be fooled by what you have been told read the Bible and before you do read Pray in silence all the feelings you have to God and trust and believe you will have a better understanding of this amazing book and what God wants from you and for the record Jehovah God is not Jesus the Bible explains it alot of times but people are so set in what they are tough they just keep repeating what they have been told instead of reading and studying themselves. I'm just telling you this as a Good friend and in your prayer your right about God looking in your heart there is a scripture that says we don't even know yourself but God knows everything about us and what is in our heart so rest assure if your true in the heart He will know for sure, I will have u in my Prayers and will be asking God to open your heart and your mind to the real truth of himself and what he wants from you, God bless hope this don't offend you but real friends don't keep the truth form each other I may not know you but in this site we are all friends and in Gods eye we are family.
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i will memorize this so i can say it when i fell i'm in harm
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thanks for everything guys-
God bless!
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tryingtostay positive
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been having difficulty recently with an ongoing situation, and I keep finding myself falling into negative thoughts and overall negativity--it's been draining, and I wanted to pray to take my mind off of the negativity. I just googled "good prayers" and this came up. PERFECT!!! The Serenity Prayer is one of my favorites and I've been having trouble following it lately--this says so much more and is exactly what I've been needing. Thank you for sharing! God is good!
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Thank you for this beautiful prayer. It did help me through my days to go by much safer and knowing that God is with me, it makes me more confident. Every time when I am depressed, I think if this prayer and pray from all my heart because it really touches and move something inside me and make me a better person.
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Prayer is indeed one I can personally use. thanks
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i used this for my class devotion and it was amazing!!!!
this pray really lifts up hearts!!
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life is crazy. is has its ups and downs, and when im down, i pray, knowing god will help me, and like the rollercoaster of life, after every down, an up is following. remember this, and god bless you
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Thank you so much for this prayer and Blessings. May god be with through all your ups and downs.
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Thank you so much for this prayer....May God Bless You and Your Family...
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